September 3, 2012

The Magic of Scheduling

Dear Parents,

I love new beginnings.  It feels like anything is possible and it’s exciting to explore and think about what can be accomplished from a new starting point.  Tomorrow is the beginning of my piano studio year and I have enjoyed thinking about each student and planning music and ways to help them grow and develop.  I love the first few weeks of teaching as well, as students are excited to be back and are eager to start and learn new music.  You as parents are probably looking forward also, to seeing what will happen this year and to hear how your child progresses.

There is one thing that you parents can do that will help more than anything else to keep this enthusiasm going and working for everyone.  That one thing is to schedule your child’s practice time.  I have heard from some of you the complicated schedules your families have with multiple kids and multiple activities.  It is truly remarkable and admirable how you get your child to my studio each week on time and with your sanity more or less intact!  But it is so easy to forget that it is the practice time that will implement all that is learned at the lesson.  Without that time, kids will not progress, then they get discouraged and soon want to give up.

Sit down with your child and together talk about when they are going to practice each day.  Make it an agreement that you have with them and me (see contract) and help them to learn to honor their commitments.  This agreed upon time will also eliminate the nagging that all of us hate.  Creating that special time that is as honored and protected as coming to the lesson will go a long ways in eliminating a nagging and whining relationship with your child.  See this as an opportunity to teach your child  how to manage their time well, and to not get overbooked.

I look forward to this year with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the wonderful group of parents and students that I am so fortunate to have in my studio.  Create that schedule and see for yourself how it is almost magical in its ability to keep life running smoothly, and  with regular practice you are going to be amazed with your student’s progress this year. Thank you in advance for doing your part in making this a successful year together!