I debated at length trying to decide what to post relevant to the topic for this week – Concert Pianist.  There are many fine pianists who regularly concertize, and you have listened to many of them over the course of this year through the listening assignments.  But sometimes, when watching someone perform on stage with the lights and the applauding audience, and hearing seemingly effortless music flow from the fingers we often forget what has gone before to make that experience possible.

You will listen this week to Benjamin Grosvenor, a nineteen year old, who recently performed the Liszt Second Piano Concerto at The Proms, a very prestigious British musical event.  He plays this extraordinarily difficult piece with great ease and a depth of interpretation.  But in doing some research on Benjamin, I watched some other videos taken when he was eleven years old.  He described how much he practiced each day, which was on average, eight hours a day!  That is extraordinary dedication which has brought him to the place where he can play in this venue with all of the skills necessary.

To practice eight hours a day is exceptional, even in the world of concert pianists.  And not everyone is cut out to share music in that particular way.  But to become proficient at anything, it takes consistent and focused work.  If we keep going day by day, our skills will increase which then gives us something to share and a depth of enjoyment which can only come by investing ourselves in a discipline over a long period of time.

Be inspired as you listen to Benjamin Grosvenor play the Liszt Piano Concerto No. 2