The Schumann’s circle of friends included many notable composers and authors of the day.  One of these notables was a young composer by the name of Johannes Brahms, a German composer born in 1833.  A close friendship developed between Johannes and both Robert and Clara and he often spent time in their home and found encouragement from them as he was very self-critical regarding his own compositions.  Because of the high standards he held for himself his compositional output is relatively small but it is of high quality and worthy of our attention.

One of Brahm’s most beloved composition is a lullaby that he wrote for some friends marking the birth of their child.  The next example is an Ballade in G Minor which reveals a fiery temperament calling for technical power and pedal control contrasted with a quieter and more melodic section.

Brahms Lullaby

Brahms Ballade in G Minor Op. 118 No. 3 played Evegny Kissin