This week we are continuing our exploration of the music of Frederic Chopin, born March 1, 1810.   He died, most likely, from tuberculosis in 1849 and while his body is buried in Paris his heart is buried in Poland, his country of birth.

This “poet of the piano” gave us many wonderful compositions and this week you will be listening to two of his 24 Etudes.   There are two opuses of Etudes, one Opus 10 and the other Opus 25, and in both of these collections he has written studies or “etudes” that highlight a particular technical challenge.  However, unlike the studies of Czerny or Hanon these etudes are wonderfully captivating music as well!  In the first post you will listen to pianist, Pollini, playing the “Black Key” Etude, as it has been nicknamed due to the fact that the hands mostly play on the black keys because of it being written in Gb Major.  The next post you will watch Lang Lang having some fun with this etude, and the final post will be of the beautiful Etude in E Major.

Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 5 performed by Pollini

Lang Lang plays same etude with an orange

Chopin Etude Op. 10 No. 3 performed by Murray Perhaia