This week you will be listening to Solfeggietto, a short but energetic piece written by C. P. E. Bach ( 1714-1788), one of J. S. Bach’s more famous composer-sons.

With this piece, a single line of notes propels us breathlessly forward until it’s urgency is underscored by the octaves mid-way through.  But then the octaves leave us as suddenly as they appear with the single melody line reappearing and then disappearing as quickly as it came. Is this piece in major or minor tonality?  Does it start one way and then change?  What is the meter?  What is the character or mood of this piece?

You will have three different performances of this very short piece.  As you listen and enjoy the differences between them ask yourself how the piece changes in character with being played on the different instruments.  One is played on a pipe organ, one on a harpsichord and one on a piano.  Which instrument do you prefer?