This week you will be listening to the first movement of a Sonata written by Muzio Clementi, an Italian composer who lived from 1752-1832.  He was a contemporary of Mozart (1756-1791) and at one point in his career was considered a more important and influential composer than Mozart.  These two composers were challenged to a musical duel by the Emperor Joseph II of Austria at the end of which the Emperor considered it a draw.  Clementi is also known as the “father of modern piano playing” as his compositions did much to establish the technique and development of music on the piano.  His Opus 36 Sonatinas are still frequently learned and played by students but unfortunately his more advanced Sonatas are not as well known.  The one you will be listening to has a very dramatic and slow opening which then breaks into a lively a very exciting main theme.

The pianist playing this composition is Beatrice Rana, a young Italian pianist who will be coming to the Bay area for performances in April of 2017.  Listen to her beautiful legato playing of the melody and her clear voicing and broad range of dynamics