This week you will be listening to music composed by Edvard Grieg, a Norwegian composer who lived from 1843-1907.  His music reflects the folk music of his beloved Norway with many descriptive titles such as Watchman’s Song, Little Bird, Solitary Traveler, Waltz, Notturno,  to name just a few.  The two pieces I’ve selected will be familiar to some of you as you have learned them or are currently working on them.

As we talked about in the group lesson, be an active listener and use the following list to guide your ears.

What is the meter?  Duple or Triple?  What is the tonality- major or minor?  Do you hear clear dynamic contrasts?  Can you hear voicing- one part brought out above the other part?  Can you figure out the form of the piece- AB, ABA, ABACAD etc.?  What is the mood of the piece?  Here are some adjectives besides happy and sad to get you started:   reflective, energetic, impatient, mysterious, bold, fearful, dreamy, peaceful, confident.  Think of some of your own!