Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer, who lived from 1811-1886, has had his standing in the paragon of important composers fall and rise over the past 75 years. Since the early 1940’s scholars disdained his writing as being superficial, going for the cheap trick, and lacking musical substance.  But in recent times, serious musicians are taking another look and deciding that while at times Liszt’s music does lack depth, there is no denying there is musical worth in many compositions.  Besides, Liszt’s music is just plain fun to play and makes the piano sound terrific!  In Liszt’s many compositions for the piano, he not only expanded the technical resources needed to play his music, but also developed the voice of the piano with its thundering octaves, sparkling glissandos, and expressive and memorable melodies.

Enjoy hearing Marc Hamelin play this very familiar Rhapsody No. 2 and if you felt there was a little something lacking in his performance than you might want to check out the second offering.