Here are two different genres of Irish music.  The first is a living celtic harpist by the name of Cormac de Barra who is playing traditional Irish music.  I was able to hear him play in a live concert which I stumbled upon quite by accident when he was performing at the Harps Etc. store in WC.

The second selection is a composition written by John Field who was born in Dublin in 1782.  He is credited with creating the style/form of music which became known as the Nocturne or night piece.  Chopin and others developed this style further and Chopin’s Nocturnes are especially rich both in harmony and melody development.

Here are some elements to listen for and identify this week:

Tempo- How fast or slow is the piece? Does it change tempo? How does tempo affect the mood or character of the piece?

Dynamics- How does the piece begin dynamically speaking? Are the many dynamic changes or is it more uniform?

Texture- Does the piece have a clear melody accompanied by harmony?  Does it have multiple layers of sound (polyphonic) or is it a simpler texture? (monophonic)

Tonality- Is the piece in a major or minor tonality?  Does it change?  Does it end in the tonality in which it began?

Listening- Try listening to a different voice throughout the entire piece; for example, listen for the bass line of the music rather than just the melody, or try following an inner voice.

Story telling- Think of a story that would fit the music