This week we will be traveling to France, a country especially appreciated for its contributions to the world of food but we will also see how much it has contributed to the world of music.  The first post is of a traditional singing style from a region in France called Gascogne which is near the southern border of Spain.

The next post is another example of the folk music of France, this time from the region of Auvergne which is in the south central part of France.  You will hear Didier Pauvert playing an instrument called the Cabrette, (little goat) which is similar to a bagpipe.

The final post is of a very famous French composer, Claude Debussy (1862-1918).  He has written some of the most beautiful piano music, creating layers of sound, impressions, similar to what the visual artists were creating on canvas.  What is the form of this piece?  Does it begin in a major or minor tonality?  Does that change during the piece?  Listen for the voicing which this pianist brings out so beautifully.