This week we will be listening to music from Norway.  The first link is to music played on a Hardanger Fiddle, which is a type of string instrument similar to a violin.  See if you can find the rhythmic pulse and then determine what time signature would fit the rhythm.


The second link is to music by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), a Norwegian Romantic era composer who wrote many beautiful pieces for piano and other instruments as well.  For inspiration he drew on the folk music of Norway and also the mythical stories.  One of the more well-known suites is called The Peer Gynt Suite which features the famous In the Hall of the Mountain King.  The piece posted here is called Wedding Day at Troldhagen, and was written as a gift to his wife on their 19th wedding anniversary. As you listen to it during the week try following along with the music and imagine yourself playing this wonderful piece some day!