This week we are going to be listening to music from America since this week is the 4th of July.  The first clip is of Native American Indian music.  The wooden flute is used in many of the different tribes’ music but is especially associated with the Navajo people.


The next clip is of a square dance accompanied by the song Virginia Reel.  The music probably had origins in Scotland or Ireland and was brought to America in 1700’s.

The next clip is music from the Ozarks which is a mountain range that is in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.  The instrument accompanying the singers is a banjo.


George Gershwin was an American pianist and composer who lived, mostly in New York City, from Sept. 26, 1898- July 11, 1937.  His compositions are sometimes hard to categorize as they move fluidly between what is considered the popular genre and the classical genre.  He wrote music for Broadway, one of his most famous musicals being Porgy and Bess.  He was influenced by jazz and incorporated jazz idioms into many of his pieces.  The three preludes in this clip all have jazz rhythms and harmonies but yet are in a more classical form.  See if you can figure out whether these pieces are in AB, ABA, or some variation on either of those.