The listening assignment for this week is the Beethoven piano sonata in C Major, Op. 2 No 3,  a delightful sonata, full of exuberance and  excitement.  I selected it partly because it is one of my favorite sonatas of Beethoven and also because it shows us how he can take a motive, like the opening motive of this sonata, and create such a interesting and engaging piece of music.  Notice how he uses arpeggios and scales to great affect.  The recording I selected includes the entire sonata which is made up of 4 movements and lasts about 26 minutes.  Feel free to listen to the entire sonata, but the part I want you to listen to every day for the next 5 days is the first movement which lasts for 7:50.  You will hear a pause at the end of the first movement and when the second movement begins it is at an Adagio tempo.  Enjoy!