This month you will be listening to music that tells stories.  Music is a form of communication, like language, but it uses combinations of sounds instead of words to convey emotional content.  Sometimes the emotional idea will be more abstract and less defined by the composer and other times the composer will give a title to his/her work that will clearly indicate what the music is describing.

This week’s selection is from Robert Schuman’s Scenes from Childhood, the first seven of them (there are thirteen altogether).  Each one is quite short and has a descriptive title which are the following:  1.)Of Foreign Lands and People, 2.) A Curious Story, 3.)Blind Man’s Bluff, 4.)Pleading Child, 5.) Happy Enough, 6.) An Important Event, 7.) Dreaming

Listen to each one and see if you agree with the title or do you have a different idea in mind when you hear them?  The pianist is Vladmir Horowitz, one of the great pianists of the 20th century and his performance of Dreaming is considered by many to be the ideal to which all others can only aspire.