This week you will be listening to a composition called, Jeux d’Enfants, or Children’s Games for Piano Four Hands written by George Bizet.  Bizet was a French Romantic composer who lived from 1838-1875.  He is best known for his opera, Carmen, which continues to be popular and frequently performed to this day.

As you listen to each “game” try and figure out how Bizet captured the mood or character of each one.  For instance, in the first one called The Swing, what rhythm does he use to create a sensation of swinging?  How are dynamics engaged to create each character for instance contrasting between No.3 and No. 6? Compare the Blind Man’s Bluff (No. 9) in this selection with the Blind Man’s Bluff that you listened to last week.  Would you re-name any of them?

The duo who are playing these pieces is called The Swingle Fingers Duo and they are amazing!  Their ensemble makes them sound like one person playing.  Below is a list of the titles of the 12 different games.  Enjoy!

1.)The Swing  2.)The Spinning Top  3.)The Doll  4.)Merry-Go-Round  5.)Flying  6.)Trumpet and Drum  7.) Soap Bubbles  8.) Cat in the Corner  9.) Blind Man’s Bluff  10.) Leapfrog  11.) Little Husband, Little Wife  12.)The Ball